Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Loco Buri is not dead.

This post gives a brief rundown of what I have been up to. First, I sought to write two short stories before the next chapter. Both were interrupted by a Death Note crossover oneshot. That was interrupted when I decided to revise all of the content in Loco Buri. That revision was finished at about the same time as the Freljord retcon, so now I am rewriting chapters 22 and 24.

What does this mean for you?

Soon- very soon- I will be replacing every chapter in Loco Bur on The changes are cosmetic and not relevant if you're already caught up on the story. However, due to the retconpocalypse that happened to Freljord (The Freljord, now), chapters 22 and 24 have been annihilated and re-written entirely. Also, chapters 24 and 23 will swap places. You REALLY SHOULD reread starting at 22.

I would like you to re-read from the beginning, but that's just for my vanity's sake.

What about those short stories?

None of them are anywhere near finished. If you contact me about wanting one in particular, I'll get on it. Otherwise, I think it's just time I work on Loco Buri. I'll pick a better name in the final draft.

Bandle Of Brothers is about Teemo. It's his origin story, starting with him as a child, skipping to how he became Captain of the Scouts of the Mothership, and ending finally with a tiny, Yordle middle finger in space. Suck it, Zaun.

Babel will have a different name if I can think of an Atlas Shrugged pun. The story is about Janna's origins in Zaun. She is touted by the growing revolution spreading in from Piltover. After the death of her close friend (unsafe working conditions), her talent and beauty is recognized by a wealthy philanthropist named Dr. Arregor Priggs. Her raises her living conditions greatly, gets her a personal tutor from the League of Summoners (soon to be League of Legends) and then gets murdered by Graves. SHTF, and suddenly Sivir's contract comes in to play: Get Janna safely out of Zaun while the infrastructure is collapsing and the streets are running with the blood of angry men.

A Study in Death is a Death Note crossover. A dangerous artifact has gone missing from the League's Armory. This is kept secret until the murders begin. At their wit's end, the League summons Sheriff Caitlyn to lead the case, alongside LeBlanc. Katarina, meanwhile, has discovered a way to identify the killer.

What have you been doing, Krivo?

I'm flattered that you care so much, dear reader. I watched seasons five through seven of Doctor Who. I watched Death Note. I watched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I watched Gundam 00. I started playing DOTA2 (210 hours). I (maybe) got a paid internship as a writer. I saw Agent Kayla two more times. I crossed the Frozen Plains and ascended the Fabulous Mountains to confer with the Gay Sage. He and my Asian-Mexican-Iraqi friend are working together with me on an RPG. We also stopped working on it, but I might upload a few plot notes some time.

Remember that article "Proof I existed"?
A lot of the proof is now gone. I need to write another one.

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  1. Hallelujah! I was beginning to worry... *u*